3x3 Newspaper

The 3x3 Newspapers have been developed by the Manifesta 9 Education & Mediation department to guide you during, before and after your visit to Manifesta 9. The newspapers can be used as addendum to the general Manifesta 9 short guide newspaper. There are 3 different 3x3 Newspapers for 3 age groups (12-, 12+ and 18+), so make sure you have the right one for you.

Do you want to make the most of your visit to Manifesta 9? Then download your 3x3 copy here already, and allow us to tell you a bit more about Manifesta and the theme of this 9th edition. To get you started we have highlighted some artworks we think you’ll find particularly interesting. But above all we hope the 3x3 Newspaper will stimulate your curiosity, challenge you to look more closely and help in starting your own discussions.

You're welcome to come and pick up a copy of the newspaper at Manifesta 9.  Or you can download your PDF copy on the right.