About Manifesta

Manifesta is the only itinerant european biennial of contemporary art, together with events such as the biennial of Venice and the Documenta in Kassel, Manifesta is one of the foremost art events of Europe.

Manifesta originated in the early 90's in response to the political, economic and social changes following the end of the Cold War and the subsequent steps towards European integration. Since that time, Manifesta has developed into traveling platform focusing on the dialogue between art and society in Europe. Manifesta has become a flexible and mobile structure, capable of continuously changing and reinventing itself. For each edition of Manifesta a new curator or team of curators is appointed who in turn invite artists from around the world to participate.

Since 1996 Manifesta has taken place in Rotterdam, Luxembourg, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Donostia-San Sebastian, Trentino-Alto Adige and Murcia. Manifesta purposely strives to stay at a distance from the dominant centres of artistic production and looks for fertile grounds for the mapping of new directions curatorial practices, exhibition models and education.

Each edition of Manifesta is organised by a permanent team of local and international producers and cultural specialists who merge into a single, efficient operative team. Manifesta is a community-based project: its success depends on the collaboration between international and local players and its involvement with local communities.

The Manifesta Biennials are initiated and co organized by the Manifesta Foundation. Based at its headquarters in Amsterdam, the permanent team of Manifesta provides the backbone to our multi-faceted organization. To find our more about the Manifesta Foundation and previous editions of Manifesta please see the website of the Manifesta Foundation www.manifesta.org

About Manifesta





Hedwig Fijen

Ann Vanderheyden
General Coordinator

Fanny Smelik
Business Manager

Cuauhtémoc Medina

Dawn Ades
Associate Curator

Katerina Gregos
Associate Curator

Mieke Mels
Curatorial Assistant

Yoeri Meessen
Head of Education & External Relations

An Leemans
Education Coordinator

Lies Caeyers
Education Assistant

David Smeulders
Audience Development Assistant

Tatiana Tarragó
Head of Production

Edgar Hermans
Cultural Heritage Coordinator

Ine Metalidis
Heritage Assistant

Thomas Engelbert
Project Coordinator Contemporary Section

Frank Lubbers
Project Coordinator Contemporary Section


Linda Jansen
Transport and Loan Officer

Linde Hermans
Scenography designer of Heritage Section

André de Kam
Technical Supervisor


Kathrin Luz
Head of Communication

Daniel Bouw
International Press Officer

Taco de Neef
International Press Officer

Karen Swyngedauw
Regional & National Press Officer

Adrienne Peters
Marketing Assistant

Julia Wack
Communication Assistant

Georgia Taperell
Public Programs Assistant

Patrizio Lo Forte
Web and Social Media


Diana Hillesheim
Liaison Officer

Carine Daenen
Office Manager

Inge Schiepers
Hospitaltity Officer

Leo Kenzeler

George König

Melanie Trojkovic
Office Assistant


Gemma Jellier
Head of Grants

Solange Roosen
Grants Officer


Andreas Hapkemeyer
Head of Publications

Jonathan Turner
English Editor

Christopher Fraga


Lies Daenen
Parallel Coordinator


Anke van Wijck
Special Programs Coordinator

Astrid Nowak
Volunteers Coordinator


Gawan Fagard
Lisa Heinis
Liesbeth Indeherberge
Niels Klerkx
Louise Osieka
Juliette Teekman
An Van Hertum
Ilse Van Lieshout
Sandrien Wansink
Marie-Claire Krell


Tim Vos
Wim Lismont
Katrine Bengtsson
Nika Dings


About Manifesta

Board Foundation Manifesta 9

Hedwig Fijen

Jan Boelen
Vice Chair

Esther Reguiera

Tom van Thienen

Peter Paul Kainrath

Jean Paul Coenen

An Moons

Emmy Vandersmissen

Supervisory Board Foundation Manifesta 9

Gilbert Van Baelen

Herman Reynders

Marc Vandeput

Alexander van Grevenstein

Evert Rodrigo

Allard Huizing

Dirk De Wit

Wim Dries

Anniek Nagels

About Manifesta

Based at its headquarters in Amsterdam, the permanent team of Manifesta provides the backbone to our multi-faceted organization. While our core business is the governance and production of roving biennials, the day-to-day activities of Manifesta include overseeing the publication of catalogues, books and the tri-annual Manifesta Journal, maintaining our ever-growing archives and staging symposiums, international cultural events and our own Coffee Breaks.

The Manifesta team structure is based on a policy of sustainability, a sense of invention and an ongoing spirit of enthusiastic collaboration. Manifesta presents a dynamic synergy of local expertise with international and Dutch experience and pragmatism. With each subsequent edition of Manifesta, the curators conceptualize a new project – and they become our artistic partners.

Given the complex organization of such a large-scale enterprise, taking place in a different European host city or region every two years, the permanent team of Manifesta is a broad-ranging, flexible group of international experts who constantly focus on relaunching, elaborating and fine-tuning the biennial and all aligned Manifesta events. The survival and growth of Manifesta’s organizational model is due to its openness of policy, its facility for adaptation, its key desire for the of transfer knowledge, and its continuous stream of activity, of which the exhibitions play an essential role.

The Manifesta Foundation Board The Board is composed of senior professionals from the academic world, businesses and the international art world, and is modified on a changing basis (minimum of three years, maximum of six years). The Board of the Manifesta Foundation prides itself on following the Code Cultural Governance as formulated by the Dutch Ministry of Culture to ensure appropriate and transparent governance. Every two years a new Coordinator of the next Manifesta Host City and one of the former curators of the last Manifesta editions are invited to join the Board. Its current membership is as follows:

Viktor Misiano (Chair)
Independent curator and Chief editor Moscow Art Magazine, Curator Manifesta 1

Andreas Hapkemeyer (Secretary-General)
Former Director of Museion, Bolzano, Coordinator Manifesta 7

Paul Domela (Treasurer)
Programme Director and Higher Education Liason Liverpool Biennial

Jan Boelen (Member)
Artistic director Z33, Hasselt

Allard Huizing (Member)
Lawyer at Greenberg Traurig, Amsterdam

Raqs Media Collective (Member)
(Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula and Shuddabratha Sengupta)
Artists, curators, researchers

Esther Regueira (Member)
Independent curator/art critic former General Coordinator Manifesta 8

Jota Castro (Member)
Curator of the Dublin Contemporary and artist

About Manifesta

Herman Van Rompuy, Permanent President of the European Council, Brussels

Sandra Fuentes-Berain, Ambassador of Mexico to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Dukedom of Luxembourg

Willy Claes, Minister of State

Patrick Dewael, Minister of State

Karel De Gucht, Member of the European Commission, Brussels

Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament (NL)

Herman Reynders, Provincial Governor Limburg, Hasselt

Jos Claessens, Chairman of the Provincial Delegation, Hasselt Mayor of Bocholt

Gilbert Van Baelen, Provincial Delegate Limburg, Hasselt

Walter Cremers, Provincial Delegate Limburg, Hasselt

Jean-Paul Peuskens, Provincial Delegate Limburg, Hasselt

Mieke Ramaekers, Provincial Delegate Limburg, Hasselt

Frank Smeets, Provincial Delegate Limburg, Hasselt

Marc Vandeput, Provincial Delegate Limburg, Hasselt

Renata Camps, Provincial Clerk, Hasselt

Hilde Houben-Bertrand, Honorary Provincial Governor Limburg, Hasselt

Paul-Emile Mottard, Provincial Delegate Province de Liège

Noël Lebens, Provincial Delegate Limburg (NL)

Leo Delcroix, Chairman Hasselt University Commissioner General of the Belgian Government for Expos

Wim Dries, Mayor City of Genk

Hilde Claes, Mayor City of Hasselt

Onno Hoes, Mayor Maastricht (NL)

Anniek Nagels, Member of the municipal executive, City of Genk

Jef Gabriels, Honorary Mayor City of Genk

Adri Duivesteijn Alderman, for Sustainable Spatial Development, Almere (NL)

Léon J.P.M. Frissen, F. MP. F. Mayor. F. Governor Limburg (NL) Founder Floriade 2012 (NL)

Jos Van Rillaer, Administrator-General, Agency for Arts And Heritage (Flemish government), Brussels

Peter De Wilde, CEO Tourisme Flanders, Brussels

Hugo Leroi, Chairman of the Board, LRM NV (Limburgse Reconversie Maatschappij), Hasselt

Thérèse Legierse, President Visual Arts Council Flandres, Ghent

Anya Niewierra, General Director Tourist Board South Limburg, The Netherlands

Ernest Van Buynder, Chairman Board M HKA (Museum Contemporary Arts), Antwerp

Huub Smeets, Chairman Foundation Maastricht Capital of Culture 2018, (NL)

Joop van Caldenborgh, former CEO Caldic Chemie and owner Caldic Collections

Gijs van Tuijl, Founding Director Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg and Former Director Stedelijk Museum

Luc De Schepper, Professor-Rector University of Hasselt, Campus Diepenbeek

Bernard Rentier, Professor-Rector University of Liege

Rein de Wilde, Professor-Doctor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University (NL)

Marc Frederix, Director Marketing, Sponsoring & External Communication, National Lotery, Brussels

Stéphane Lefebvre, Director Research, Product Development, Responsible Gaming & Subsidies, National Lotery, Brussels