Good Night, and Good luck

in General at 11-10-2012

Welcome to our blog. On Sunday, 30th of September, 2012 Manifesta 9 has closed its doors in Genk, Limburg, Belgium. During Manifesta 9 this blog functioned as the dynamic guide of our Department and of the activities under development. From today onwards it is no longer being updated. We leave it online as a legacy of our activities and projects during the Biennial, and by doing so hope to inspire possible future initiatives. Manifesta 9 has been interesting, challenging, moving, ... Read more

from the mailbox

in General at 10-10-2012

"My colleagues and I would like to thank you for the good organisation, the fine care and great patience shown by your team." Read more

Forever Coal publication

in Community & Forever coal at 10-10-2012

The Mine-depot Waterschei played a special part in the exhibition Manifesta 9. This museum has been housed for years in the former mine building where Manifesta 9 took place from June 2nd until September 30th 2012. All of a sudden the Mine-depot Waterschei was part of a European Biennial of Contemporary Art. Volunteers, mostly ex-miners, showed their past in the former warehouse of the coal-mine. The history of the mine, above- and underground. Read more

4x9 Stories: Destination Mediation

in 4x9 Stories at 01-10-2012

On this beautiful and busy final day of Manifesta 9, our visitors got the chance to have a look behind the scenes of the Manifesta 9 Art Mediation department. Instead of inviting a guest for 4x9 Stories Tour, as we've done every Saturday and Sunday for the past months today's 4x9 Stories ‘Destination Mediation’ gave the floor to the entire team of Manifesta 9 Art Mediators. The premise of this final tour was to give our visitors and insight into ... Read more

3 Questions to Yoeri Meessen, Head of Education

in General & Team at 24-09-2012

Mediation is more than ever important for the success of Manifesta. Over 37.000 people have participated to the Art Mediation program of Manifesta 9. Three questions to Yoeri Meessen, Education & External Relations Coordinator Manifesta Foundation since 2009, Head of Education Manifesta 9. What are the highlights of this Manifesta edition's Art Mediation and Education program? That depends on who you are. The Manifesta 9 Art Mediation and Education programs are as diverse as our audience is. We realize that ... Read more

4x9 Stories: Osman Ipek

in 4x9 Stories at 23-09-2012

On Sunday September 23 Manifesta 9 was stooped in Turkish atmosphere thanks to the community project "Kara Tren". A food and beverage booth with Turkish specialties was installed on the ground floor and Turkish theatre group held a special performance in the exhibition. As such, a 4x9 Stories guest with Turkish roots was very fitting for the day. We didn't have to look far. Osman Ipek, has been responsible for the security of the artworks in the historical section of ... Read more

4x9 Stories: Evangelos Zarvas

in 4x9 Stories at 22-09-2012

Medical Doctor Evangelos Zarvas, also known as ‘il dottore greco’ from the Zwartberg neighborhood in Genk, presented a warm and highly enthusiastic chain of thoughts at his special guide tour through Manifesta 9. ‘Art should present a story that is relevant to the world’, he exclaimed, directly informing his audience about the highly philosophical nature of his talk. Undoubtedly, the curators of Manifesta 9 would have been charmed by this approach, especially since he managed to introduce in a very subtle and poetic way some personal thoughts and experiences. Read more

WOW @ Brakke Grond

in WOW at 19-09-2012

Our Manifesta 9 Workshop on Wheels bus, which was already present at a lot of projects in and around Genk, has travelled to Amsterdam. This is the city where Manifesta Foundation, but also De Brakke Grond, Flemish house of culture, are situated. Read more

Opening forever coal!

in Community at 19-09-2012

Last monday was the opening of Steenkool forever! A turbulent en exciting evening. Read more

4x9 Stories: Jan van Reusel

in 4x9 Stories at 18-09-2012

Jan van Reusel is a ranger from the National park 'Hoge Kempen' and also works for the museum of the mineworkers home in Eisden. Jan talked about de organization of the mine, the garden villages and the closing of the last mines in Limburg. Read more

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