Meet the Art Mediators: Marie-Claire Krell

in Team at 23-05-2012

Since my graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht in 2008 I have been working as a multidisciplinary artist and interdisciplinary curator. Currently I am also writing my master thesis, in which I am focusing on the concept of dedication and the question whether dedication can serve as a basis for a new positioning of art and art education.

To me, dedication is the underlying motive, through which people set out an own field of interests in which they explore questions and face the possible consequences that might result. Communicating the importance of asking questions and the empowerment and possibilities that come along with it, is to me the purpose of art mediation.

Within Manifesta 9 I am excited about the dialogue evolving because of its three sections: heritage, historical and contemporary arts; they have a direct link, they complete and intensify each other. Because of that many different visitors with a variety of questions will visit the exhibition. As an art mediator I am interested to find answers to these questions leading to thoughts that were not so obvious in the first place – so that new questions can arise.