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in Community & Forever coal at 10-10-2012

The Mine-depot Waterschei played a special part in the exhibition Manifesta 9. This museum has been housed for years in the former mine building where Manifesta 9 took place from June 2nd until September 30th 2012. All of a sudden the Mine-depot Waterschei was part of a European Biennial of Contemporary Art. Volunteers, mostly ex-miners, showed their past in the former warehouse of the coal-mine. The history of the mine, above- and underground. Read more

Forever coal!

in Community & Forever coal at 03-09-2012

In which order shall we present the art works? Without any discussion we decided how the works will be presented. We choose to exhibit the works in the corridor equiped as an former pithead. A few small drawings we show in a vitrine. The volunteers are very handy. Before I notice the cable and lights are fixed at the ceiling. A lot of jokes are made about artwork which is lost. Teasing is a property of the miners. It is a way to keep pleasure in working down in the pit. Read more

Volunteers Miningmuseum Waterschei create art II

in Forever coal at 14-08-2012

Sunday already was the last day of art lessons with the volunteers of the Miningmuseum Waterschei. With a lot of enthousiasm and dedication we thought about titles of the works and made a selection which works we are going to present. This week we start with organizing the show, which will open at September 10, 2012. See you all there! Sandrien Wansink - Art Mediator Read more

Volunteers Miningmuseum Waterschei create art

in Forever coal & Community at 01-08-2012

In September 2012 the mine in Genk Waterschei will be closed for 25 years. With this subject, I invited the volunteers of the Miningmuseum Waterschei to create their own art work about this history. Most of the volunteers have worked in the mine themselves. As an experienced group of artists they started using different techniques, like collage, paint, drawing, to express their thoughts and feelings. On September 10th we will present the works in a small art exhibition in the ... Read more